Razor Blades

Despite the sometimes dizzying array of razors you can find at a local retail store, all razor blades can be pretty much summed up in a shockingly few categories:

The only other categories that you might be able to classify razor blades under is:

  • Disposable Razors
  • Straight Razors

I didn’t classify disposable razors or straight razors into the “Razor Blades category above simply because the blade is an integral part of the razor itself and can’t be detached from the handle.  This is not the case for cartridge and double edge razor blades, which are meant to be replaced.

Within the “Cartridge Razor Blades” and “Double Edge Razor Blades” category there are a large number of brands of blades to choose from.  I only imagine that this will only continue to grow since Gillette no longer has exclusive rights to making cartridge razors whose blades are 1mm apart due to their patent expiring on the Mach 3.

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