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Here are a few places where you can buy the black insert:

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An image of a black insert for the dovo shavette.

Black Insert

In this blog I am going to be talking about the black insert for Dovo shavette.

In case you don’t know, there are three inserts for the dovo shavette: black, green, and red.

The blades are not all the same and the blades are not interchangeable. When you are ordering blades for your shavette it is important, that you order the blades that match your insert color.

Now the black insert has a longer blade than the red insert. This is useful because you are able to shave your face with fewer strokes since the longer blade will cover more of your face.

The draw back to this is that there is more blade area in contact with your face, making it more likely to nick yourself if you’re not careful. I actually told a friend to buy a black insert because I like it better.

I didn’t realize that it might be harder for a beginner to shave with a black insert than with a red insert until he told me that he bought a red insert. He found that it was hard to shave his upper lip with the black insert.

In the picture below you will see tiny knobs on the left side of the insert and holes on the right side of the insert. These are the reasons why blades aren’t interchangeable between the different colored inserts. Each one is formed a little differently.

The blade for the black insert has holes that line with the knobs. Once the holes are lined up, the blade sits there nicely and you are able to close the insert and slide the blade into the shavette handle.

An image of a black insert for the dovo shavette.

Black Insert Full Size View

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