Where To Buy A Dovo Mammut, Mammoth Ivory Straight Razor

If you are looking to buy a Dovo Mammut there are a few places to still buy them from. So if you’ve already checked a few websites and they said they were sold out, don’t worry I’ve got you covered. ūüôā ¬†No matter where you buy it from it’s going to run you about $600 give or take a $50-$75 depending on where you buy it.

United States

TheSuperiorShave: ¬†They have an extremely good write up about the Dovo Mammut. ¬†They also have a lot of great photos to look at. ¬†Since each razor’s scales(handles) are unique, you get what you see in the picture.

StraightRazorDesigns:¬† Comes professionally honed. ¬†You will probably receive a different razor than what is shown in the picture. ¬†If that matters to you then you’ll probably want to email them and ask, if this is the case.

RoyalShave:¬† The pictures of their razor has a pretty green mixed with brown on the razor. ¬†I’m not sure if all the ones they have in stock have that coloring. ¬†If that is why you want to buy it, I would definitely contact them before purchasing to find out the coloring of the razors they have in stock.

Ebay:  At the time of this posting there was one selling on ebay for $525.  Ebay is always worth checking.


Gents:¬† If you don’t live in the country be aware of customs and duties.


BritvaSolingen:  Again if you are buying out of country, be aware of customs and duties when buying internationally.

Out of Stock Websites

These were the websites it was out of stock on at the time of this posting. ¬†I believe it was a limited edition, so if it’s out of stock on these websites, it will probably remain out of stock.

BMVintageShaving US based website.

1Barber:  This Belgium website is sold out, but they have a really great description of what gives the scales their color.

ShaverHut:  Australia based website.

MensEssentials Canada based website.

ItalianShavingShop: Italy based website.

DovoRazors:  UK based website.

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