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Today I decided to make this page about my Dovo shavette razor. In case you don’t know what a shavette razor is, it is the equivalent of a “disposable straight razor”. Basically, you keep the handle and change out the blades when they become dull. The blades for a shavette are extremely thin and extremely sharp. Below is a picture of all the components of a Dovo shavette.

In the bottom left hand corner of the picture are the blades for a shavette. The shavette uses the same blades as a DE(Double Edged) Razor. The only difference is you snap it in half and you use only one side at a time in the shavette. Above the razors you will see a red thing. I’m not sure what the official name of it, but this is what you put the razor in. On the right hand side of the picture you will see the handle.

Below, is a picture of some DE blades. These blades I bought at a local drug store. I believe they were around $5 for a pack of 10(which is really 20, since you snap them in half to use with a shavette.) The bottow blade is one with two edges, the top blade is one that has been snapped in half to use with the shavette.

Blades for a shavette and DE

In the next image you see the plastic insert. I have drawn some arrows pointed to some knobs in the plastic. These correspond to some notches in the blade. When you insert the blade into the insert it should be sitting between the two knobs as shown.

Red shavette insert

After you fold the red insert together, you then slide the insert into the handle of the razor and you are ready to shave!

A picture of a Dovo Shavette Assembled

I hope you’ve found this page useful in learning about shavettes. You can get a pretty good deal on a Dovo Shavette with 100 Derby blades here.  🙂

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