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Thiers-Issard Overview

Update 1/5/21:  Due to the ever changing nature of website URLs, I have only linked to the top-level domain in most cases.  You’ll need to use each site’s search function or navigation menu to find the Thiers Issard razors.  I’ll try to do a sweep each month looking for dead links/websites.

Thiers-Issard is a French manufacturer of straight razors.  They are generally regarded as a manufacturer of high-quality straight razors.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a complaint about their razor’s shaving performance.  Although, I have heard some complaints about the handle(scales) of their razor

I always recommend trying to purchase in the country that you live in for two reasons:  taxes and shipping costs.  When you start purchasing internationally you have to worry about the high cost of shipping.

Generally, the sellers will tell you that you are responsible for knowing and paying the duties depending on where you live.  Whether or not you do is up to you.  I always like to play it safe.

Furthermore, you will need to know the requirements for you straight razor to clear customs.  A lot of times you have to pick up the straight razor at the port of entry of your country if you did not use a door-to-door shipping service.  You’ll want to check with a seller and ask them how other people have handled it in the past.

If there is a specific Thiers-Issard mark you are dying to get your hands on or there is not a place for you to buy a Thiers-Issard straight razor in your country then I made this list for you.  🙂

If you come across a link that is dead or incorrect or if you know of a website that sells Thiers-Issard straight razors that I have not listed here, feel free to let me know in the comments.  I’ll be sure to update this list accordingly.

US Thiers-Issard Dealers

  • Amazon:  There is at least one vendor that sell Thiers Issard straight razors.
  • KnifeCenter:  Based in Maryland, will ship around the world.
  • Vintage Blades LLC:  Based in Maryland.  Only ships to non-PO box, US addresses.  As of 1/5/21, all of their Thiers Issards razors are showing sold out.  I do not know if they will have more in stock at some point.
  • The Art of Shaving:  Stores in 31 states.  Be sure to look at product descriptions lists Dovo razors mixed with Thiers-Issard razors.  As of 1/5/21, they had the following razors listed on their website:
    • Ram’s Horn 5/8
    • Bovine Horn 5/8
    • Tyrol Wood 5/8
    • Bocote Wood
    • Black 5/8
    • Stainless Steel 5/8
  • Classic Shaving:  Based out California.  Ships world wide including APO/FPO and post office boxes.  As of 1/5/21 they only have Damascus Steel 6/8 w/ Razor horn Scales.  There are other Thiers Issard straight razors listed on their website, but they are sold out.

Canada Thiers-Issard Dealers

  • Fendrihan:  Based in Mississauga, Ontario free shipping on orders over $65 in canada and $95 in United States.  As of 1/5/21, they have the following Thiers Issards razors in stock:
    • Le Canadien 6/8 w/ Snakewood Handle
    • Fendrihan 7/8 w/ Ebony Wood Handle
    • Chatellerault 5/8 w/ white ebony handle
    • Chatellerault 4/8 w/ bamboo handle
    • Le Canadien Singing 5/8 w/ Snakewood handle
    • Le Canadien 5/8 w/ Snakewood handle
    • Limited Edition Note de Musique 6/8 w/ Ebony handle
    • La Legende 6/8 Bird Spine Decoration w/ black horn handle
    • Eagle Black Singing 5/8 w/ faux tortoise scales
    • Limited Edition Johnny Hallyday 6/8 w/ Ebony wood handle
    • Fendrihan square noe 7/8 w/ ebony wood handle
    • Le Canadien Festooned Historical 6/8 w/ black horn handle
    • St. Jacques Sheep and Wolf 5/8 w/ white resin

England Thiers-Issard Dealers

  • Thiers-Issard UK:  Ships to the UK and overseas.  As of 1/5/21, they have Thiers Issard razors in stock.
  • Amazon UK:  There are a few on here.  As of 1/5/21, I didn’t see any on here.  I am leaving the link to remind people to check on the off chance there are some.

Australia Thiers-Issard Dealers

  • Ebay:  I found quite a few people who had Thiers Issard straight razors for sale on Australia’s ebay.  This is probably your best bet if you are looking for a Thiers-Issard in Australia.  As of 1/5/21, there are still straight razors listed.

Germany Thiers-Issard Dealers

  • Update 1/5/21, Site previously listed here was closed.  I’ll try to find some more sites that sell Thiers Issard in Germany

France Thiers-Issard Dealers

  • Amazon FR:  A wide variety of Thiers-Issard straight razor marks are available to include Le Dandy, Spartacus, and a few others.
  • Rasoir-Sabre:  Will ship anywhere.
  • Rasoir-Expert:  Sell a wide variety of Thiers-Issard straight razors as well as Dovo Straight razors.

Scotland Thiers-Issard Dealers

  • Executive Shaving UK:  Ships in the UK and internationally.
  • Amazon UK:  Has a couple of Thiers-Issard straight razors for sale.  One has Bocete wood scales and the others are just plain, black scales.

Other Options

If you can’t find a Thiers-Issard dealer in your country then your best bet is to look for the one in the country closest to the country that you live in.  Another alternative is you might try looking in antique stores or thrift shops and one might turn up.

Once again if you know of a website that sells Thiers-Issard straight razors that is not listed here let me know by leaving me a comment.  Thanks.  🙂

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