Cut My Thumb With My Shavette

Well today was a first for me, I cut my thumb with my shavette.  I didn’t even know it was possible.  How did I manage to do this?

I was making a video for my youtube channel.  It had been a while since I last used my shavette because I didn’t shave for six months.  I had set the shavette down on the sink counter.  For some reason I moved my hand and my thumb went right up the side of the blade.

Gotta love that feeling of cutting yourself open.  Fortunately, the blades are super sharp so it doesn’t hurt when you get cut.  Unfortunately, the blades are super sharp so it’s easy to get cut if you’re careless.

Since I only had half of my face shaved, I put a band-aid on my thumb and continued shaving.  Luckily, the band-aid(or cut) didn’t affect my ability to shave.

Be careful when you’re shaving, don’t get careless!  If you do, your favorite shaving instrument will be sure to teach you a lesson… 😉

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