Hart Steel

Hart Steel is a United States manufacturer of straight razors and cutlery that is based in the upper midwest of the U.S.  According to their website, Hart Steel was founded in 2009 by a group of artisans.  Hart Steel is owned by Classic Brands, Inc. which also owns classicshaving.com.

Hart Steel prides itself in the way it manufactures its straight razors.  According to them, each straight razor is made by an individual “Artisan Technician” from the start until the razor is finished.  Then each straight razor will have the the initials of the Artisan Technician who made the straight razor.

Their Straight Razors

Hart Steel straight razors come in one of three blade widths:  5/8″, 6/8″, 7/8″.  You are also able to choose between a round or square nose and a satin or polished finished.

The straight razor handles, or scales, come in a variety of woods and resin.  They have handles made out of Lacewood, Cocobolo, Bocote, Red Oak, Rosewood, Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Purpleheart, and Curly Koa woods.  Their resin handles come in black and white colors and they also have a pearlex and faux ivory resin handles.

Perhaps the biggest distinguishing trait of Hart Steel Straight Razors is the fact that the blade is attached to the handle via a hex nut assembly which makes replacing the scales a much easier endeavor, than replacing the scales of a traditional straight razor.  With the hex not assembly, you only need a 5/16″ hex wrench as opposed to a drill that you would need with other straight razors.

Purchasing a Hart Steel Straight Razor

Hart steel straight razors are sold online at:

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