The Only Drawbacks to Shavettes and Feather Razors

A Japanese feather razor and a Dovo shavette side by side. on a wooden surface.

Japanese Feather razor and Dovo Shavette sided by side.

Dovo Shavettes and Feather Razors are two of my favorite razors to shave with. I think I might like them better than straight razors because I’m not the greatest at stropping yet.

I would probably get better at stropping just by doing it more, but I’m kind of lazy. I like the convenience that shavettes and feathers provide by being to pop in a new blade and the cheaper cost of blades(although this is debatable for feathers) while still giving you a shave similar to a straight razor shave.

However, there is one drawback that they do have in common with cartridge razors, hair clogging the blade. Although, this is much less pronounced it still can happen under the right circumstances.

I tend to abuse my razors. I’ll grow my beard out and hair on my head for a couple of months and then decide to shave it off. When I do shave it off I find that hair will get stuck between the blade and the insert if it’s a shavette or the blade and the handle if it’s a feather razor.

This isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s something that I’ve noticed that most people don’t know unless they have tried to shave really long hair with it. I don’t think most people do.

The only razor out there that doesn’t have a clogging problem is the straight razor. Since it is only a blade there is nothing for the hair to get clogged between. It is king in that regard.

Like I said this is the only flaw that I really see with dovo shavettes and Japanese Feather Razors, other than that I am totally in love with them. Even then it’s not a very big flaw, I’m just extremely nit picky lol.

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