Straight Razor Shaving Kits – Where To Buy Them

A image of a straight razor, strop, and shaving brush

Straight razor, strop, shaving brush

In this post I will be talking about the various places to buy straight razor shaving kits.   As you would expect almost any website that sells wet shaving supplies will also sell straight razor shaving kits.  I will list some websites that you are probably already familiar with as well as some lesser known that you might not have heard.  My goal is to provide you with a wide selection of choices that way you as a consumer have the power to make the best decision for you.

Before I list the websites I do want to briefly talk about some things to pay attention to when shopping for straight razor shaving kits.  First, the biggest thing you need to know up front before you buy is whether the straight razor that comes with the kit is honed.  This is especially important if you are buying it as a gift for someone and you are tight on time.  The website should specifically state that it is shave-ready.  I’m not talking about “shave-ready” razors from the manufacturer.  By shave ready the vendor of the website has either honed it himself or has had it honed by someone experienced in honing.  If you don’t follow this piece advice, either you(if you’re purchasing for yourself) or the person who you are giving the gift to (if you’re buying for someone else)won’t get a very good shave from it.

The second most important piece of advice is the type of straight razor that comes in the set.  This could arguably be the most important step because if you buy a straight razor made of poor quality steel it won’t maintain a shaving edge very well.  However, most wet-shaving websites I know of only carry reputable straight razor brands.  Also, the websites I list here will only be websites that carry high quality straight razors.  You won’t find me listing any websites that sell “made in pakistan” websites for $5.  That would just be bad for everyone.

Third you will want to look at other items the kit comes with.  Typically, you will want to look for kits that at a bare minimum includes a straight razor and a strop.  The strop is important because you need to maintain the blade edge between shaves by passing the blade over a piece of leather which is known as stropping.

Although, typically a shaving set will come with a straight razor, strop, shaving soap cup/dish, and shaving soap, and a badger hair brush.  The more things that are included in the kit, the higher the price is going to be.  You should decide what things you absolutely want/need.

A note about badger hair brushes:  I personally don’t think it’s necessary to go all out and buy the most expensive badger hair brush especially when you are first starting out.  A cheaper one will get you by just fine.  I actually prefer my cheaper badger hair brush than a more expensive one I have.  Fortunately most straight razor kits come with pure badger hair brushes which are the cheapest ones price wise.

A final note I have listed the websites according to the state that they ship their orders out of.  So without further adieu, here is a list that you can buy straight razor shaving kits from:

United States Straight Razor Kits


RoyalShave:  Sell kits ranging in price from $175.00 to $695.95(a travel kit with two straight razors strop, bowl, brush, leather case, strop paste, and osma bloc).  Straight razor has only been factory honed, so you may need to send it out to an experienced honemeister if you want it sharper than factory standards.  Straight razor in all of the sets are Dovo Straight razors.  Based out of Costa Mesa, CA.

ClassicShaving:  Sell kits starting at $299.99.  Straight razor IS shave ready. You can choose from kits that have Hart Steel and Dovo straight razors.  They also have a store front in Palm Springs, CA if you live near there.  Orders ship out of North Palm Springs, CA.


VintageStraightRazor:  Sell kits ranging in price from $89.99 to $239.99.  Straight razor IS shave ready.  Can select kits that have vintage straight razors that have been restored as well as Dovo Straight Razors.  Orders ship out of Sandpoint, Idaho.


ShaveNation:  Sell kits ranging in price from $164.99 to $359.99.  You can choose from kits that have Boker or Dovo straight razors.  Straight razor is NOT shave ready.  Based out of Glenview, Illinois.


NashvilleKnifeShop:  Sell one kit priced at $189.00.  Kit has a Dovo straight razor.  As of the date of this posting they were out of stock. Orders ship out of their warehouse in Nasheville, Indiana.


KnifeCenter:  Sell kits ranging in price from $172.95 to $639.07(travel kit).  All kits come with a Dovo straight razor.  Razor are only factory honed.  They are based out of College Park, Maryland.

VintageBladesLLC:  Sell kits ranging in price from $119 for a basic strop and razor set to $339.99 for a Dovo Grenadille “Flowing” straight razor set.  Straight razor IS shave ready.  You can choose from kits that have Dovo, Thiers Issard, or Hart Steel straight razors. They are based out of Maryland.


StraightRazorDesignsSell kits ranging in price from $169.99 to $619.99(a Dovo Siberian Mammoth Ivory straight).  Straight razor IS shave ready and comes with a certificate for one free rehoning.  They are based out of Ohio.  I bought my first straight razor as a kit from this website.  RIP StraightRazorDesigns.


GrowAndMake:  Sell a “sustainable shaving kit” for $139 that comes with a Dovo straight razor.  Straight razor is only factory honed.  Orders ship out of Portland, Oregon.

ExcaliburCutlery:  Sell kits ranging in price from $139.95 to $269.  Straight razor is NOT shave ready and you can select from a Giardo Solingen or Dovo Straight razor.  One of the unique things about this website is that you can get either a monogram or an inscription on the blade.  Based on their return address being in Eugene, Oregon I am assuming they ship out of Eugene, Oregon as well.

South Carolina

CoolShaving:  Only sell one kit for $169.99.  The straight razor inlcuded in the kit is a Dovo straight razor.  Straight razor is only factory honed.  Orders ship out of Lexington, South Carolina.


AmazingShaving:  They sell kits ranging in price from $100 up to $200.  Straight razor is only factory honed.  Straight razor included in kits are Giesen & Forsthoff straight razors.  Based out of San Marcos, Texas.


BMVintageShaving:  Only sell a travel kit for $833.17.  The two straight razors that come in the kit are Dovo and are only factory honed.

HeritageShaving:  Sell two straight razor kits.  One is price at $199.00 and the other one is priced at $229.99.  Straight razor included in both kits are Dovo straight razors.

Canada Straight Razor Kits

ClassicEdge:  Sell straight razor kits priced from CAN$129.99 up to CAN$315.00.  Can choose from kits that have Thiers Issard, Timor, Giesen & Forsthoff, Dovo, Boker, and Wapiencia straight razors.  Straight razors ARE shave ready.  Orders ship out of Stoney Creek, Ontario.

ESQBoutique:  Sell a straight razor kit that is priced at $179.99 and comes with a Dovo Straight razor.  Straight razor IS shave ready.  Orders ship out of Montreal Quebec.

Fendrihan:  Sell straight razor kits that are priced between CAN$262.00 and CAN$360.50.  Only sell kits with Thiers Issard straight razors.

HouseOfKnives:  Sell a straight razor shaving kit that is priced at CAN$179.00.  Kit comes with a Dovo straight razor.  You have the option of picking up kit at one of 14 store locations if you so desire.

United Kingdom Straight Razor Kits

TheInvisibleEdge:  Sell straight razor kits priced from £80.00 to £128.00.  Kits come with rebranded Dovo straight razors.  Straight razor is shave ready.  Orders ship out of Malvern, UK.

Executive-Shaving:  Sell straight razor kits priced from £210.00 to £368.00.  Kits come with Thiers Issard straight razor.  One “kit” comes with a dovo straight razor, but does not include a strop.  Straight razor is factory honed.  Orders ship out of Glasgow, Scotland

Germany Straight Razor Kits

ShaveMac:  Sell straight razor kits priced from 260,70 € to 314,00 €.  Kits come with a Dovo straight razor with custom Shavemac etching.  Razor is factory honed.  Orders ship out of Wendelstein, Germany.

Straight Razor Kits In Australia

MensBiz:  They sell a travel kit for $674.95 that comes with two Dovo straight razors.

As always if you know of a website that carries straight razor shaving kits that I haven’t listed here or you have comments/questions leave them in the comments below.  🙂

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  • Phil May 24, 2013 @ 6:22

    Love what you are doing here! I will have to send this URL to some of the Shaving Forums. Great tool for new shavers!

    The Classic Edge Shaving Store

    • Thomas May 27, 2013 @ 22:20

      Hi Phil,

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It’s good to hear that you think it will be a good tool for new shaver’s. That’s what i was aiming for. 🙂

      Have a great day!


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