The Ultimate First Father’s Day Gift Idea?!

I’m not one to use a word like “ultimate” lightly.  I tend to measure my words very carefully, so when I use a word like that you can be sure that I’m very serious about what I am talking about and it’s not just a passing phase of excitement.

Now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about this “Ultimate First Father’s Day Gift Idea”.  My idea is very simple and straight forward:  a straight razor.

A Straight Razor?

I know you must be thinking that I might be a little off my rocker or stuck in the past but this is an extremely good idea for a gift.  There is a certain allure to a straight razor.  Whether you are looking at pictures of one online or holding it in your hand there is just something that draws you to it.  It can be hard to put into words.  It might be the way that the light glints off it’s polished blade or it might be the weight of it as you hold it in your hand.  One thing is for certain:  a straight razor makes all other razors seem substandard by comparison.

In today’s world of built in obsolescence and mass produced goods it can be hard to find quality made items.  Furthermore, we are all pushed to do more things faster.  Shaving has become a hated, monotonous task for men.  It’s something we do not because we like it, but because we’re forced to.  There is no joy in it, it’s just a mundane task.

All of that changes when you pick up a straight razor.  Suddenly a new world opens up.  A world of excitement, mystery, and intrigue.  A world where you are challenged every day to perfect this new art.  One where you have to master a new skill in order to get a close shave.  One where you have to slow down and pay attention.  If you don’t, the straight razor will quickly remind you the value of focus and patience.  A straight razor transforms an often rushed, hurried task into a ritual that is enjoyable and relaxing.

Shouldn’t a First Father’s Day Gift Have Something To Do With the Child?

I’ve read other gift ideas for First Father’s Day.  Often these will involve thumbprints, hand prints, or foot prints of the child as he/she gets older.  Other gift ideas will include a journal where the father write’s his thoughts and feelings down and then gives it to the child when they are older.  Still others include a “daddy bag” where the dad can tote around all of the baby accessories.

While all of these are great ideas and really focus on what Father’s Day is all about, being a father, they do tend to lack an enduring quality to them.  Where will these gifts be in five years? ten years?  Will he still be writing in the journal?  Will you remember to take the thumb prints and foot prints each year?  A manly diaper bag will be discarded in a few years.

A straight razor is probably one of the longer enduring things in this world.  With proper care and maintenance a straight razor will easily last a last time.  A straight razor shave is something close and intimate.  Each time he shaves with it he’ll be reminded of his First Father’s Day.  It is something that can be passed down from generation to generation.  Imagine giving the new father a straight razor for his first father’s day.  He then shaves with it for the coming years and then is able to pass that straight razor on to his child.

I really do hope you will seriously consider buying him a straight razor or a straight razor shaving kit for his First Father’s Day.  He is bound to love it.  If you have any questions or comments leave them below and I will be sure to reply.  🙂

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