Hey!  Welcome to ShaveWithThomas!  It’s always nice to meet other people who are interested in straight razors.

My goal of this site is to provide a good resource on where to buy straight razors both online and offline and various information as it relates to shaving.

Here are a few pages to get you started:

Razor Blades


If you’re like me, most likely there isn’t a store in your city where you can go in and buy a straight razor and take it home and shave.  I scoured my city and I was lucky to find an antique store that had one!

With that being said the majority of this site focuses on where you can get straight razors online that you can start shaving with immediately.  Feel free to poke around.  I hope you enjoy the site!

A few tips to help you get started on your straight razor journey:

  1. Start shaving with a straight razor sooner than later.  It’s easy to procrastinate by reading article after article and posting in various straight razor forums, but you will never know if you like it until you try.  Furthermore, you’ll be wishing you had started sooner, once you actually do start.
  2. Buy a shave ready straight razor.  A shave ready razor is a razor that has been honed well enough that the edge will cut hair.  A lot of new razors straight from the manufacturer say they are shave ready but really are not.  They have been honed using a machine.  In order to get one that is truly shave ready it needs to be honed by hand.  Wherever you choose to buy your razor at make sure it is shave ready or know that you will have to either hone it yourself or pay someone else to hone it.
  3. Enjoy the journey!  I find shaving with a straight razor to be very relaxing.  It’s an opportunity for me to take the time to relax and enjoy learning a new hobby, which is quite the opposite of when I used a mach 3 and just rushed to get the job done.